Project management tips for SEO campaigns

SEO project management helps provide a framework that allows businesses to engage in high-level search engine visibility projects with greater precision and better results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects require teams to manage competitor analysis, website audits, keyword research, website architecture and content strategy. With all this to keep organized and more, the application of effective project management is of the utmost importance.

SEO Project Management Tools

With all the various tasks, team-members and micro-management required in SEO project management, the first thing you’ll need is a robust set of tools to help manage workflow.

There are literally hundreds of options on the market, some free, others not. It’s helpful to do a little research, find what’s popular in the industry and what tool will best suit your unique project environment.

At the very least, you’ll require a communication tool that allows for greater collaboration in the office, email chains aren’t going to cut it here. Microsoft Windows comes pre-packaged with Skype which remains a surprisingly effective tool, but you might want to investigate a more comprehensive alternative that also allows for collective file-sharing and editing.

Most organizations use task-scheduling software in some shape or form. The simplest of these function much like a Kanban board. Users can create and schedule tasks, allowing project managers to better monitor the progress of the project. More advanced tools allow real-time tracking of project phases and provide a single hub for all file-sharing and internal communications.

Project management methodology

Project as complex as SEO campaigns are unlikely to succeed without the organizational support provided by popular project management methodologies. These methods allow for improved project governance and help ensure a projects’ success.

It’s likely most business have already implemented some of project management methodology, be it the ever popular PRINCE2 method, or some form of Agile management.

An important thing to note is that most contemporary project management methodologies are designed to be tailored and adapted to suit project environment, goals and contexts. No project management method should ever be adopted in its entirety, there are simply too many nuances to consider when approaching the various projects an enterprise will conduct in its lifetime.

During project initiation and planning phases, always look at existing project management methods and consider how they will influence project development. It’s not uncommon to find redundancies and bloated processes that can be cut to speed delivery.

Key aspects of SEO project management

Reporting and analytics

This is where the aforementioned SEO project management tools will play a large role, its vital for SEO project managers to collect and analyze data. This isn’t just applicable to planning phases, correct project governance demands project managers to constantly revise their strategy based on the information being fed to them by development teams. Automation can help ease the work of extensive documentation and aid in internal communication, so ensure your development teams are trained to use whichever tools you select.


Communication is the cornerstone of any project. This of course applies to internal communications, but many businesses sometimes fail to incorporate third parties into the discussion. Luckily, SEO campaigns don’t require extensive stakeholder management and there is no client waiting for a product to be delivered, but your particular project may make use of an SEO consultancy or other partnership.  

Always make sure to establish clear lines of communication before the project starts and save yourself a lot of pain down the road. Always make it clear to development teams who the decision-makers are and who they can turn to for assistance.


Flexibility in contemporary business practice is a must. There are a million ways a project can fail and SEO campaigns are no different. You’ll need to develop a robust contingency plan to fall back on if things start to go wrong. It could be a simple case of a key employee falling ill, or you may run into technical issues that delay a project phase.  

Luckily, most contemporary project management methodologies are designed with flexibility in mind.  PRINCE2 for example, trains project managers to realign project governance with project development trajectories at frequent intervals in project development. If you’d like to know more, make sure to see the whatisprince2 blog.

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