Top 12 Tips You Should Know While Visiting Iceland

Nowadays Iceland has become the world’s famous travel destination. Most of the people are visiting this charming place to experience its natural beauty, amazing waterfalls and volcanoes. From attractive and eye-catching landscapes to friendly people, this country has a lot to offer. And if you are thinking to visit this amazing place then Another Iceland will guide you. Plus this post will make you available with certain tips that will make you aware about certain things while visiting Iceland.

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Iceland

Never Forget to Carry Credit Cards

If you are travelling to Iceland then it’s always advisable to carry credit cards instead of cash. There are many chances that your cash wouldn’t get converted into Icelandic Kroner. And here most of the people prefer credit cards instead of cash. So, to be at the safer side it’s always better to carry a credit card with some cash.

Drive the Golden Circle

Most of you might visit Iceland for a short duration of time. But never miss the opportunity of renting a car to visit the Golden circle. This Golden circle covers 300 kilometres route looping in. While visiting this beautiful place you will surely enjoy some amazing sights including Gullfoss waterfall, Strokkur, Geysir and many other national parks. 

Get Familiar with the Local People

Icelanders are very kind and friendly people and these people will never treat you like strangers. According to a survey, Iceland is the most peaceful and friendliest country in the world to visit. Moreover, if you need any kind of help or assistant, they are always ready to help you out. 

Plus to know more about the culture and tradition it’s best to interact with the local people.

Don’t Forget to Attend Small Town Festivals

Every year several festivals are held in every small Icelandic town and village. And you should never miss these festivals if you want to know more about Icelanders. Moreover, there are several festivals which reflect the historical and environmental soil. Tourists who join the celebration also enjoy local music, food, dance and drinks. So, don’t forget to attend all the small-town festivals if you are in Iceland.

Enjoy Natural Hot Springs

After visiting Iceland you will notice that most of the people will be enjoying public bathing in warm pools. And it’s considered as an Iceland’s deep-rooted tradition. Public bathing in Iceland is considered to be the best activity where people of all ages enjoy together with friends and relax to recover from the hard day of their work.

Most of the visitors spend their maximum time while enjoying hot water springs. The water of these springs is hot without the presence of any artificial source. 

Try Spending a Night in a Farmhouse

Most of the families who visit Iceland especially plan a night stay at the farmhouse to get closer to Icelandic culture and tradition. And if you are thinking that you will not receive any type of facility in these farmhouses then you are extremely wrong. Generally, most of the farmers offer bedding and breakfast facilities to all the tourists and visitors.

Plus you can enjoy horse riding tours to enjoy several parts of the city. So, never forget to book a farmhouse before planning your holidays.

Go for Camping

Imagine spending a summer night in Iceland in a tent. Moreover, if you are a nature lover and want to be in contact with nature then there’s nothing better than lying in a sleeping bag after a long hectic day of travelling. Plus there are many places and sites in Iceland which provide their tents and food facilities to keep you away from all type of difficulties. 

If you are carrying your tent and food with you then you can set up your tent as well.

Buy Food Straight from the Farms

In Iceland, you will find several stores and service station where you will get all types of food. But it’s better to buy fresh food from farms. Icelandic farmers have opened many local farms for selling fresh and quality farm products, organic fruits and vegetables at very affordable prices. Moreover, in some areas, farmers have also set up little self-service corners where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables at very affordable prices.

So, if you want to eat quality and fresh food then don’t forget to visit these farms. 

Go for Sightseeing during Night-Time

If you are visiting Iceland during summer seasons then you can expect this place to be a little crowded. Most of the people visit this place in mid-summer to enjoy midnight sun whose light lasts for 24 hours. It’s best to visit this place during night time as during this time, the roads are silent, the people are asleep and peaceful atmosphere everywhere.

Some people even keep their sleeping bag with them to experience silent and peaceful nights.

Never Buy Beer from Supermarkets

In the 20th century, Beer consumptions was banned in most parts of Iceland. This is the reason why Icelanders don’t have a good relationship with alcohol and alcohol-related beverages. However, in some supermarkets, you will find a beer like drinks which will provide the taste of beer but by eliminating the toxic effects.

Plus you will find many travellers who are carrying their stuffed carts with the watered out near beer. These beers will surely help you in keeping your party on. 

Take Care of Fuel

In Iceland, Fuel is very expensive. If you are thinking to rent a car in Iceland then make sure to take care of the gas. It’s very important to take care of the budget and plan accordingly. And it’s advisable not to waste fuel and use it with care. 

Never Miss Ski Destination

Most of the people visit Iceland for enjoying skiing and snowboarding. You will find many good ski resorts near Reykjavik, Akureyri and Husavik. Moreover, various winter sports activities are conducted from January to April. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and plan your trip to Iceland now!

Nir Ravid

Nir Ravid is a passionate traveller who is working dedicatedly for Another Iceland Tour company. He is a writer by heart who loves to explore new places and experience their culture, food and tradition. Moreover, he has spent most of his life travelling and sharing his experience with the people.

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