Natural Beauty Surrounding Maldives

Also known as ‘the tropical paradise’ like thailand, The Maldives is a place which is famous all over the globe for its extraordinary natural beauty. Being a unique combination of several separated islands as well as islands surrounded by their own lagoon, there is no dearth of pristine white sandy beaches in the Maldives. Since 99% of the Maldives is covered by sea, you can also witness a number of beautiful fishes, corals and other rare underwater species see – Natural Beauty Surrounding Maldives.

Boasting of housing over five thousand colourful coral reefs, plenty of reef fish in its calm crystal-clear waters, water sports like diving, snorkelling and scuba diving have an exceptional quality when done in the Maldives.

If you are planning a vacation to the Maldives and are wondering about what things to do in Maldives or searching some pretty places to visit, then stress no more as we have already done the homework for you. We have prepared a small list of some of the most naturally beautiful places in Maldives, which you must definitely visit.

1. Vaadhoo Island Beach

Have you ever heard about the bioluminescent beaches or have come across a picture of such a beach? If yes, then probably their beauty would have captured your heart in just the first glance.

But when you will visit the Vaadhoo island beach, all your high expectations will fall short in front of the tremendously beautiful sight awaiting you. It is especially during the night, when the beach is in its full glory.

As the phytoplanktons bathe the oceans awakening the calm waters to life, it is a pure privilege to bask in the beauty of them and stargaze with your loved one. While the ocean water converts into huge shimmery sheet, it proved to be a surreal background for getting some amazing clicks.

No matter, which Maldives travel guide you study but if you are going on a trip to the Maldives with your special someone or even on a family vacation, then this beach is just the right getaway spot. All it takes to reach this island is a 15 minutes speedboat ride from the main international airport of Male.

2. Banana Reef

This is considered as one of the most popular and loved diving site in the whole region of North male Atoll. Designed in the shape of a banana, the place has a pinnacle as well as some of the mysterious caves and overhangs. The reef is also a home to some rare and extraordinarily beautiful fishes, coral reefs and underwater marine creatures.

If you go for diving, snorkelling, scuba diving or any other water sport, you can even get to closely visit a school of some fishes such as bannerfish, grubfish, soldierfish and so on.

Moreover, if you are even a bit knowledgeable about the water sport activities in the Maldives, then you would know that the diving conditions at Banana Reef are really just awesome and are therefore considered as the best ones in the whole place. Located inside Kuda Kalhi in North Male Atoll, this reef is also known by the name ‘Gaathugiri’.

3. Bandaara Kilhi Lake

Secluded from the entire country of the Maldives, Bandaara Kilhi Lake is one of the two freshwater lakes in Fuvahmulah which is an island atoll in the Maldives. Since it is not much popular among the tourists and a bit isolated, its splendid beauty is untouched and simple enthralling.

Other than its natural beauty, this lake is also considered as a rich depository of a number of minerals as well. Though one is no longer allowed to swim here, but there is an observation deck from where you can easily enjoy panoramic views of the lake.

You can also find lush green vegetation surrounding the lake, including mainly ferns, banana trees, coconut palms, mango trees, tropical almond and a lot more. For the best experience, it is recommended that you visit the place during early morning hours as it is then when the sunlight pierces through the dense foliage to add an exceptional touch to the beauty.

4. Hulhumale Beach

A large stretch of sprawling white sand with a blanket of turquoise waters, this beach is another prized possession of the Maldives. Protected by a reef around 100 metres out, the water of the ocean is shallow enough for you to have a nice beach swim.

Being a house to turtles, baby sharks, rays as well as a variety of colourful reef fish, snorkelling here is an exceptional experience in itself. When here you can also indulge in water sports like kitesurfing and parasailing. Since, the beach faces the east direction, it proves to be a wonderful sunrise point. Located on Beach Road, Hulhumale, this beach is a pure treasure.

5. Manta Point

If you are on the lookout for having the best, one of a kind and a never to forget kind of snorkelling experience in the Maldies, then Manta Point is an ideal place for you. Staying still and calm underwaters while closely witnessing the beauty of the innocent and huge creatures, Manta Rays, is surely an exceptional experience and a feeling which is uncomparable.

Also known as Emas Thila, it is one kilometre long and located just off of Baros island. Other than being a gathering point for the manta rays, you can also spot other marine creatures like sharks, napoleons, schools of squirrelfish and so on.

Surrounded by green tress and soothing coconut palms, the beauty of the Maldives can hardly be described in words. Book one of the honeymoon packages for maldives soon if you want to witness the exceptional beauty yourself with your partner.


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