4 Important Google Analytics Metrics You Should Know and Understand

4 Important Google Analytics Metrics You Should Know and Understand

The verge of SEO is a basic tactic to use in a digital marketing strategy. Whether you are performing it on your own or through the use of an agency, it is vital to know which metrics are needed to call attention into. Hence, the question, is it entirely about your keyword ranking progression? Or are there any metrics that seeks your attention more? On top of keyword rankings being vital, these are not the only metric to oversee to get to know the success of a campaign. A lot of agencies have a say on their services in varied ways, but at the very least these is needed to have base metrics. There are those, also, who consult SEO companies like A Plus Digital.

1.      Top Landing Pages

These are pages on the site that visitors think are most vital, in comparison with their engagement. Overseeing the top landing pages can endow you a big deal of insight, wherein pages on your site are doing successfully. Such will give you a good idea of the particular fact visitors see very useful and the pages the visitors are converting on. Furthermore, these insights are specifically useful, when creating new content on the site. Also, you are able to see what pages are doing unsuccessfully and can think of a strategy to face that page’s weakness.

2.      Traffic Referral

These shows you where visitors are coming from. It is vital to know where your traffic is originating from, so you are allowed to oversee whether your efforts in particular ways are paying off. Also, you will be able to witness if a social campaign on Facebook is directing the visitors to your service page or whenever that post on Twitter direct visitors to read your latest blog.

3.      Conversion Rate

This pertains to the percentage of visitors that reached a goal on the site, such as doing a purchase, filling out a form, hosting a video and etc. For a fact, conversion rate is one of the most vital metrics you are able to track, because it basically informs you how fruitful the site is. It can tell you how well your site’s information and interface are substantial to visitors, when it is necessary for your product or service to cater to their problem. When there is a low conversion rate, chances are you will be asked to reevaluate your page’s content to monitor if it is answering the specific questions and if it is gathering the correct audience.

4.      Users 

These are the number of visitors that drop by the site during a particular timeframe. When the count of visitors is not increasing, then chances are your efforts are not effective, at least not in your side. The most important thing to see is the New Users. It is good to see your traffic continues to surge, but that it does not mean that the number of visitors has added up. The Users metric stands for the number of individual people dropping by the site, on top of the number of times they have visited the site.


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