Treat Yourself With Acupressure for Lower Back Pain

You can use acupressure in treating lower back pain. In a modern study, it was gained knowledge that people with chronic lower back pain who underwent self-administered acupressure felt a lowering down of pain and fatigue symptoms. For a fact, acupressure is comparable to acupuncture, but instead of needles you will use your thumb or finger Wherein, pressure is applied to particular points on the body. A small amount of studies were also done on the benefits of acupressure to treat lower back pain. Shop now for tools on relieving back pain. Below are five (5) favorite acupressure points for lower back pain:

1.      Press into your outer ankle, on Urinary Bladder 62.

The Urinary Bladder 62 is known as the extending vessel. It is believed to release lumbar tension and relax the spirit mind, which allows this point, which can be located on the foot. It is a good choice to relieve anxiety as resulted from acute back pain. Specifically, all the lower foot points are good to treat back pain, which makes it a reason for reflexology to be so useful in lumbar spasms.

2.      Press on your lower middle back, on Urinary Bladder 23.

This is identified as the kidney tonification point. The acupressure point UB23 is part of the acupressure points to treating lower back pain. Enhancing UB23 will endow a lasting relief from lower back pain. It is made possible through cutting down muscle tension. What to do? You have to press this point with a slight pressure and hold or rub for a minute or more. Do the procedure again if needed.

3.      Press the fleshy point between your pointer finger and your thumb with Large Intestine 4.

This is the most popular acupressure point. It is the most important pain point in the body. Furthermore, it can aid in help lessening most pain syndromes, especially when paired with the other back pain points. It is soft and calls for a pressing for a minute or more. Do the procedure again if needed.

4.      Press into the back of your knee crease for Urinary Bladder 40.

This acupressure point is a soft point that aids greatly in most pain sensations in the spinal column. Enhancing this point on both legs leads to relieving stiffness and lower back pain. Wherein, it works on pain symptoms as resulted from herniated discs and sciatica. This point is, also, useful for maintaining leg pain, muscle spasms, arthritis in the surrounding areas and knee stiffness. Furthermore, it can, also, aid in releasing heat from the body.

5.      Press into your butt to stimulate Gallbladder 30.

For a fact, the Gallbladder 30 is different significant focal point for curing lower back pain and relieving tension coming from the low back and hips. GB30 ease down pain in the legs, hips and lumbar spine. It aids in improving circulation overall.In conclusion, you can combine and match the points or follow the pattern in acupressure. Wherein, the order is important less than how you use each. Remember, to touch the points with intention and do it slowly. The technique will aid in lessening the immediate pain.

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