Chen Xi


2000 Volkerkunde Museum, Vienna
2000 Kunst Fehler Gallery, Vienna
2000 Vienna Integration Foundation
1999  Inspektion Gallery, Vienna
1998  SemperDepot
1998 Vienna Art Academy
1997 Chinese Embassy, Vienna
1996 Austrian Parliament, Vienna
1995 Karl Strobl Gallery, Vienna
1994 Oberlla Exhibition Centre
1992  Shanghai Young Artist Showcase
1991  Shanghai School of Art


Artist Statement

"Primal Creations" is my homage to nature,
its beauty, its sounds and flavors.

It is a vision that was born in me since my early childhood,
a vision that I always wanted to paint and that matured with me,
as I grew older.
It is an evolving adventure
in which creativity becomes a challenge and source of joy,
something that I want to share with people around the world.

The landscapes that people may see in my work
are not landscapes of any specific place.
They are universal and not an expression of any particular tradition.
One can travel through them across time and
cultures and seek in them a world of meanings as they wish.



AAI Afro-Asian Institute, Vienna
Shanghai Art Academy
Embassy of Peru Vienna
Chinese Embassy, Vienna
Dr. H. Gunther Koska, Vienna
Marc Eliany, Canada
Wok Restaurant, Vienna
Susan PoygenFurst, Vienna
Dr. Nicholai Wochins
Private collections in Austria, Israel, Canada,
Australia, France, Germany, China,
among other countries.



An exceptional artist whose abstractions
draw on a rich Chinese traditions.
A promising contributor to bridging Eastern and Western Art

(Eliany, Art Review, 2000).



M.A. studies with Professor Anton
Lemden and Professor Eva Schlegel,
Vienna Art Academy since 1995.
B.A. Shanghai Academy of Art 1987-91
Diploma Shanghai School of Art 83-87
Worked as illustrator and art director
with Shanghai dictionnary publishers 1991-92.
Worked as a free-lance artist in Vienna since 1993.
Born in Shanghai May 26, 1966.
Austrian citizen since 1993


Chen Xi

Hietzinger Kai 179/6, Vienna, Austria

Tel:    011  43-1-876-6785 or 699-1034-0185