Galeria Interiors

Eliany Vernissage Dec 2005

Galeria is a non profit artist run gallery.

Most members are artists.
But art lovers who are willing to volunteer
or make a contribution
in marketing and promotion

or just putting in time in the gallery are most welcome to join our membership...

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contact us at:


Galeria offers a great exhibition space.

we have painters, sculptors, artisans and writers in our membership...

Join us!

The art work on the walls happen to be Eliany's

He is one of our members.
His work has been exhibited
at the Museum of Civilization,
among other museums...

Galeria features a lot of Judaica

but much of the art work is of a universal character.

Some of it is abstract.
Some of it is concrete.

There is something for every taste.


Meir Dahan (left) is the chair of our board of directors.
Ofelia Israel (right) manages our gallery.
Marc Eliany (center) is a member of the board.
He developed this website
and is in the process of developing a marketing strategy.
We need volunteers to write grants and promote our gallery...
Join us... Your help will be appreciated.


Meir Dahan is our secret weapon.
He works tirelessly to make the gallery tick!
Click here for our membership list.

Here are some of the art lovers
celebrating Eliany's vernissage
last December 2005

Galeria has a dynamic membership.
It is open to all.
Join us.

Left: Meir Dahan

Right: Marc Eliany

Join us. You may featured here next!