Publishing services

Would you like to publish your work on the web? Poetry, fiction, theatre, music, artwork… We will publish most work of merit upon review by two peers.

Contact us at:

All submissions must be in readable digital formats:

HTML text, jpeg (when photos or art work are submitted), MP3 (for music files) and we will even make links to your video files and possibly arrange video hosting…

Submissions must be scanned with up-to-date anti virus software before submission for obvious reasons.

Due to Spam and unsolicited junk email, we open our email discriminately. For this reason we expect you to please specify the subject of your correspondence as ‘virtual submission’ to prevent deletion. We hope this will not cause you any inconvenience.

We do not accept snail mail submissions due to lack of resources. We encourage potential members to seek help of friends in order to communicate with us via email.

Membership fees must be paid in advance, i.e., before publication.

Web chats

Upon expression of interest by members, web chats by areas of specialization will be coordinated.