Shalva Jessica Weil                           


¨                   Personal Details

Shalva Jessica Weil

Place of birth:  London

Date of Immigration: 29.11.1972

Work address:  NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education, Hebrew              University

Work Telephone: 02 588 2100


Home address: 7 Rehov Dan, Jerusalem 93509

Cellular Telephone: 052 608127

¨                   Education

B.A. (Honors) - 1968-1971 – London School of Economics & Political Science  – Dept. of Sociology (Branch II)

M.A. -             1971-1972 – Sussex University, England – Center for Multi-Racial Studies and Dept. of Psychology

Advisor: Prof. Marie Jahoda

Thesis: Double Identity Conflict among the Bene Israel in Britain.

D.Phil - 1972-1977 – Sussex University, England – Dept. of Anthropology

Advisor: Prof. A. L. Epstein

Thesis: The Persistence of Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity among Bene

Israel Indian Jews in Lod, Israel.