Weil Shalva, J. Abstract CV

Abstract C.V. B.A. (Hons.), London School of Economics & Political Science, Dept. of Sociology, 1971. M.A., Sussex University, England, Thesis: Double Identity Conflict among the Bene Israel in Britain, 1972. D. Phil, Sussex University, England, Dept. of Anthropology, Thesis: The Persistence of Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity among Bene Israel Indian Jews in Lod, Israel, 1977. Senior lecturer, in Dept. of Education, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 1998-2003; Dept. of Sociology, Bar Ilan University, 1976-1979. Senior Researcher at the National Council of Jewish Women Research Institute for Innovation in Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1982- present. Director of the Ethiopian Teachers' Training Program in Israel, Specializes in the Anthropology of Education, Qualitative Methodology, Ethnicity and Religion and has published widely in the fields of Indian and Ethiopian Jews. Organized several international conferences e.g. Indo-Judaic studies, Oxford July 2002. Received the Magid Institute award for Continuing Education Bursary, 1997; and the De Roy Testamentary Foundation Medal of Excellence in Education, 1996. Born in London, England; immigrated to Israel 1972, currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel.

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