Kerem Yitzchak

Professional Experience:

Historian and Researcher on Greek Jewry.  Aristotle University, 

Dept.of Modern Greek History, Thessaloniki, Greece,

and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of

Jewish Languages, and Lecturer for graduate-level Mekor

Program in Sephardic Studies. Founder and Director of the Institute

of Hellenic-Jewish Relations, University of Denver,

Denver, Colorado. Researcher on Greek Jewry

in the Holocaust at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. Contributor to Pinkas

Kehilot Yavan (Greek Memorial Book) published at Yad Vashem in

1999. Past sub-editor of the Encyclopedia of the  Holocaust

(section on the Balkans), Yad Vashem. Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary

Holocaust Project of Reseachers on Sephardic and Oriental Jewry in the

Holocaust, Summer Institute 1999, United States Holocaust Memorial

Museum, Washington D.C., Contributor to Encyclopaedia  Judaica 

Yearbook(1986-7,1988-9, 1990-91, 1983-1992),

Encyclopedia of Zionism, Computerized Encyclopedia

of the Holocaust (Wiesenthal Center), New dictionary of National

Biography (Oxford University Press), Judaeo-Greek Studies Bulletin

(Cambridge University, Cambridge,  England), Israel Studies Bulletin

(The Association for Israel Studies, and published under the auspices of

the Middle East Center, University of Pennsylvania), Journal of Modern

Greek Studies, Maguen, Aki Yerushalayim, Pinkas Kehilot Yavan

(Yad Vashem), Pe'amim (Ben Zvi Institute, Jerusalem), Tribune Juive,

The Jerusalem  Post,  Bamaaracha, Bashaar, Los Muestros, Lashon,

Sharsheret Hadorot, The Jewish Museum of Greece Newsletter, Avotaynu,

Revista de Oriente y Occidente, Ariel, The Casa Shalom Journal, Chronology

of World Slavery and Gesher (the Official Journal of The Council of Christians

& Jews), etc., ... .

Past academic guest lectures at Ohio State University, University of Minnesota,

Columbia University,  NYU(Skirball Center for Judaic Studies and Onassis Chair

for  Greek  Studies),  Harvard(Center  for European  Affairs),  Princeton, Reed  College,

Baltimore Hebrew University,  University of Maryland,  Kent State  University,

University  of  Wisconsin  (Milwaukee),   University  of  Arizona  at  Tucson,

Creighton University, Villanova University, YIVO, Gratz College, University of

Cambridge (England), University College (London), Oxford University (England),

University of London (England), London School of Economics, Wittenberg University,

University of Oklahoma,  University  of Pennsylvania, University of California (Berkeley),

University of Washington (Seattle), University of Denver, Universidad de Santiago

(Santiago de Compostela, Spain), Anatolia College (Thessaloniki), University of

Aalborg (Denmark), Cornell, Old Dominion,  UCLA,  Penn State University,

The University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Boise State University,

Boston University, University of Colorado (Boulder), University of

Wisconsin (Madison), University of Windsor (Canada),

Ripon  College,  Yeshiva  University,  Hebrew Union College (New  York  City),

University of Humanist Studies (Utrecht, Holland), University of St. Thomas

(Saint  Paul,  Minnesota),  University  of Utah,  University of Nevada at  Las

Vegas,  University  of California at Davis,  San Francisco  State  University,

University of New Orleans, Drew University, Yeshiva University, Berkeley

Theological Union, U.S. Naval Academy, University of Illinois at Champagne, 

University of South Carolina, York University, McGill University, University

of Victoria, University of Nanjing (Nanjing, China), University of Heidelberg

(Germany), University of Melbourne, University of Adelaide, Flinders

University of South Australia, The Open University (Lisbon, Portugal),

Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha (Toledo, Spain), University of Haifa,

Dominican University, University of Craiova (Rumania),  Freie Universitat

Berlin, Hofstra, Tel Aviv University, St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia),

University of Warsaw, Emory University, University of Hartford, John Hopkins

University, Kean University (Union, New Jersey), and St. John's University.

Past  general  lectures  given at the  Israeli  Genealogy  Society,  Sephardic

Educational Center, First International Conference of the Second Generation of

Holocaust Survivors, Sephardic Educational Center (Jerusalem),  Morit,  Centre

Yair(Jerusalem), Yad Vashem, Second Annual Convention of the American Sephardic

Federation and Sephardic House (New York City), Jewish Genealogical Society of

Canada (Toronto), Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento, and the Agnon


Planned exhibitions on Greek Jewry for Holocaust Museum of Kibbutz Lochamei

Getaot, American Sephardic Federation and Greek National Tourist Organization

(Oct.  23-13,  1991.  Universal  Sheraton  Hotel,  Los  Angeles.),  and  photo

contributions from personal research collection to the U.S. National Holocaust

Museum(Wash. D.C.), The Smithsonian Museum(Wash. D.C.), Luis de Santangel 98

International Conference at Dominican University (Chicago), Capetown Holocaust

Museum, Simon Wiesenthal Museum(L.A.),  &  the Children in the Holocaust

Exhibit(Jewish Heritage Museum and the Center for Holocaust Studies, N.Y.C.).

Photos have also appeared in Encyclopedia of the Holocaust(Hebrew edition),

Encyclopaedia Judaica Yearbooks, Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Holocaust,

Tribune Juive, and Aki Yerushalayim. Currently on Board of Directors and

Treasurer of the newly developing Center for the Heritage of Sephardic Jewry, 

which is being planned in Israel. Member of Board of Directors of Casa Shalom,

Institute for Marrano Studies, (Gan Yavneh, Israel).

Founded   with  Avraham  Goldblatt  in  Jerusalem  the  Sephardic   Electronic

Archive(SEA)  - part  of  the New York - Israel Project of  NYsernet(New  York

State Educational Research Network),  and also sponsored by the Shalom Hartman

Institute, the Yakar Educational Foundation, and the Judaic Studies Committee

at the University of Arizona at Tucson. Editor of the monthly Sepharad

Newsletter "Sefarad, the Sephardic Newsletter" of worldwide Sephardic academic

and cultural affairs. Founder and Director of the Institute of Hellenic-Judaic

Studies, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado. Member of the Editorial Board

of the Jewish Studies Judaica eJournal.  Consultant for the Hebrew Union

College  project  on  the Lower East Side of New York and  the  Broome  Street

Synagogue of the Jews of Ioanina, Greece. Jerusalem editor of the IVRI-NASAWI

literary magazine. Co-Editor of Ismi, International Sephardi/Mizrahi Index.  

Member of the American Biographical Institute Board of Advisors. Listed in the

Dictionary of International Biography – 27th Edition, Cambridge, England.

Films:   "Ioanina,   Athens,   Jerusalem",   "David  Benveniste:  A  Salonikan

Personality in Jerusalem",  “Avraham Franco, Rhodes-Hebron-Jerusalem”,

“The Burla Family”and was advisor for "Salonika-Auschwitz".  Also:

"Early  Sephardic  Settlement  in Israel"(Filmed  my  lecture).  Jewish  Audio

Visions. Jerusalem, Israel. and "The Bulgarian Deportation of 1943: The Fate of

Jews  from  Bulgarian Occupied territories  of  Thrace, Macedonia,  and  East

Serbia"(Film  of  my  lecture  and slide show of  rare  photographs  from  the

Deportation.)  The  Holocaust Center of Northern  California.  San  Francisco,

California.  Interviewed  in film,  "My Father" (about the Salonikan folklorist

and Politician Baruch Uziel).

Lecture participation in academic association conferences: Modern Greek Studies

Association,  Association  for Jewish Studies,  CIEPO(Ottoman and  pre-Ottoman

studies), LAJSA(Latin American Jewish Studies Association), AIS(Association of

Israel  Studies),  ISSEI (the International Society for the Study of  European

Ideas), Beresit II - Cofradia Internacional De Investigadores, Group for Early

Modern  Culture Studies (GEMCS),  Northern Great Plains Historical Conference,

Society  for  Social Studies in  Science,  East-Central/American  Society  for

Eighteenth Century Studies,  Carolinas Symposium on British Studies, Northeast

PLA/ACA  Annual  Meeting,  Modern Language Association of  America,  Northwest

Eighteenth Century Studies (NECS), Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast  Councils

for  Latin  American  Studies (RMCLAS & PCCLAS), Mid-east Council for Latin

American Studies (MACLAS), International  Society  for

Classical Tradition, Institute for the Study of Islamic-Jewish Relations

(University  of  Denver),  International Congress on the Economic  and  Social

History  of  the Ottoman Empire,  North Central Council of Latin  Americanists

(NCCLA), Canadian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies(CSECS), Interface -

Society  for  Humanities  and  Technology  (Southern  College  of Technology,

Atlanta,  Georgia),  Annual  Scholar's  Conference  on the Holocaust  and  the

Churches, African Studies Association (ASA), Popular Culture Association,

Congress of the International Federation of Latin American and Caribbean

Studies (FIEALC), The Society for the Economic and Social History of the Ottoman

Empire Empire, Western Jewish Studies Association, European Association

of Jewish Studies (EAJS) and the World Union of Jewish Studies.


Guest lecture participation for academic associations: Israeli Association for

the Advancement of Research on Latin American Jewry (Amilat).

Keynote address "Relations between Jews,  Greeks, and Turks in Salonika" at an

International  Conference  on  Relations  between  Greeks  and  Jews  entitled

"Between Athens and Jerusalem, Reason and Faith in Conflict". Sponsored by the

Institute  for  Judaic  Studies  of the Pacific Northwest  and  Reed  College.

Portland,  Oregon.  March  11,  1990.  Keynote panel lecture, "1992, Year of

Sephardic Renaissance", at the Seventh International Research Conference  of

the Latin American Jewish Studies Association,  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania.

November  7, 1993.

Nominated over 800 Righteous Gentiles for Yad Vashem (from Greece, 

Yugoslavia, Albania, Italy, France, Holland, Poland, and Turkey; including the

Turkish Consul in Rhodes in 1944 Salahattin Ulkumen, and Greek Princess Alice,

the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip of England). 

Radio Program "Land and People". Thurs. Jan. 9, 1992. 17:00-18:00. Radio One.

Jerusalem.  Interviewed  as  historian  on the Jews of Salonika by  Haim  Zur.

Research  and background for Israel TV program "Shabbat in the Air" of Elazar

Strum of 31.1.92 featuring the rescue efforts of local Rhodian Jews by the

Turkish  Consul  Salahattin Ulkumen in Rhodes in 1944.  Interviewed on  Ethnic

Radio EB1/FM of Adelaide, Australia, by Pamela Mendels of the "Jewish Half

Hour" on  Sunday  morning, July 30, 1994 at 11:00 a.m. Interviewed on

radio broadcast on Greek Jewry in the Holocaust, Radio Yerushahalyim,

101 FM, Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Commemoration Day) on May 5, 1997,

13:00-15:00, [Hebrew]; Also interviewed on same day (May 5, 1997) on

radio broadcast by commentator Meir Gross on Salonikan Jewry in the

Holocaust, Arutz 7, 22:00-23:00. [Hebrew] Interviewed in Craiova, Rumania

On October 8, 1998 for Rumanian National Television, and weekly Israel

program of Rumanian National Radio.


Past Research Grants

- Doctoral Research Grant. Ministry of Education, Athens, Greece.

- Research Grant. Holocaust Museum and Research Institute of Kibbutz Lochamei

  Getaot, Israel.

- Research Grant for the Study of Greek Zionism, the Jewish National Fund, and

  Greek-Jewish Agricultural Settlement in Eretz-Israel. Historical Research

 Institute of the Jewish National Fund, Jerusalem, Israel.

 - Led group research grant, U.S. National Museum of the Holocaust, Washington D.C. Team of seven academic researchers in multi-disciplinarian study on history and culture of Sephardic and Oriental Jewry in the Holocaust. Summer 1999.

                                             Yitzchak Kerem

                                             Dolev 7b

                                             Tsur Hadasa 99875, Israel

                                             tel:02-5795595, 054-870316, FAX:972-2-5709564



                                             Mail: P.O. Box 10642, Jerusalem 91102, Israel                                                   

                                                      P.O. Box 10131, Tsur Hadasa 99875, Israel


1) Righteous Gentiles in Europe in the Holocaust (13 part series).  Orion  and

   Ziva Film Studios, Jerusalem.

2) The Iberian Expulsion of the Jews to Salonika. (Prepared for the 500th

   anniversary in 1992 of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal.)

   Co-produced  with  the  noted  Israeli film producer  Adir  Zik  under  the

   auspices  of  the  Institute for Judaic Studies of the  Pacific  Northwest.

   Jerusalem and Portland, Oregon.

3) Sephardic Personalities in Jerusalem. (8 part series) Co-production with

   Shimon Aplatony under the auspices of SEFARAD - Society for  the

   Preservation and Promotion of Judeo-Spanish Culture. Jerusalem.

4) The Star and the Crescent. Feature fiction dramatic film based on

   contemporary and historical Turkey centering on 500 years of Jewish

   settlement in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, the Armenian and

   Kurdish questions, the GAP water and energy resource project, and

   the archeological site of Haran - the Biblical city where Jacob met

   Rebecca and birthplace of Rachel and Leah.

5) The History of the Sefardim in the USA. Co-production with Alan Rosenthal.

6) The Life of Avraham Franco and his Rhodian Roots.  Independent production.

   Filmed by Ziva film company Jerusalem.

7) The  Burla family,  Greece to Israel.  Independent production with  Shlomo

   Burla showing how he discovered his Sephardic roots.