Kerem, Yitzchak, abstract cv:

Historian and Researcher on Greek and Sephardic Jewry. 

Aristotle University,  Thessaloniki, Greece, and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Founder and Director of the Institute of Hellenic-Jewish Relations,

University of Denver, Denver, Colorado.  Editor of the monthly academic

e-mail publication "Sefarad, the Sephardic Newsletter" since 1992, historical

filmmaker, and special historical exhibit maker of Greek and Sephardic Jewry

and the Holocaust. Board member of the Casa Shalom Institute for Crypto-Jewish

Studies, and co-founder of the International Forum for Tolerance and Peace.

Education              Professional experience      Publications


                           Rehov Dolev 7b

                           Tsur Hadassa, Israel 99875

                           Tel:972-2-5795595, 054-870316



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                           Telex: 25615 JAMIT IL

                           Mailing Address:

                           P.O.Box 10642, Jerusalem,

                           Israel 91102 or

                           P.O.Box 10131, Tsur Hadasa 99875, Israel.