McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Canada
National Archive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Galeria, Cavendish Mall, Cote St Luc, Quebec
Ottawa School of Art, Ontario, Canada

Michele Villeneuve Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
, Canada  
St Andrew's Open Art Studio (Ongoing exhibition)      

Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada
COAT, open studio tour
Billings Museum Art Fair, Ottawa, Canada

Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel

(exhibition, reading of play Resadeira, lecture)
Auberge des Arts, Montpellier, Quebec (ongoing exhibition)
Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Canada (Lands within me)
2001    Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Canada
Saw Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
Recycl'art, Argenteuil, Quebec
Beaver College Fine Art Gallery
2000    Museum Gallery, Safed Artist Colony, Israel
Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD, USA      
Right: Tombs at the Fez cemetery, Photography,
Part of the series 'the last Jews of Ifrikia'

Gallery 101, Ottawa, Canada
(part of Artists Against Violence Exhibition)
Collected Works, Ottawa, Canada
(part of NOK, African Artists Exhibition)
Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
(Artist Against Racism Exhibition)

CCIBB, Paris, France
In the Name of... 1997, oil on canvas,
part of my exhibition 'Eroba Eroba'

1997   Enriched Bread Artists Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
in collaboration with
Art on Preston Street
and the Association of Preston Street Merchants
and the Vendemia

Zürich Kosmos Galerie, Vienna, Austria
(sponsored by Zürich Insurance Europe)

1996 Kasbah, Ottawa, Canada (art in living spaces)
1995 The art association of Harrisburg Gallery, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania     
1994  The Fine Arts Institute, San Bernardino, County Museum, California

1994 Alvan G. and Carol J. Lampke prize, 
New Heaven, Connecticut.
Hilton, Vienna, Austria (sponsored by the Embassy of Morocco)
Galerie in der Sterngasse, Vienna, Austria
Palais Clam Gallas, Vienna
(sponsored by the Embassies of Morocco and France)

Galerie Karl Strobl, Vienna, Austria
(sponsored by the Afro-Asian Institute)
1985     Conference Centre, Winnipeg
1985 Carlton University, Ottawa, Ontario
1980   JCC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1979     Fine things Gallery, Fournier
Left: Man at work 1979,
tempera on paper 
(part of 'People at work')

Reviews abstract
"Marc Eliany touches the heroic, the power of the symbol…
His painting reduces rhythms to their essential. From his
native Morocco, he does not paint the concrete object
but powerful symbols, a transformation of his childhood
milieu… In his allegory on canvases, Marc Eliany,
does not express nostalgia but a desire to repossess
the doors, the walls and landscapes of his native Morocco…
His work expresses his deep and colorful spirituality,
and his fierce sensuality…”  a review from Gates of Welcome
Dr. Serge Ouaknine, Université du Québèc 1994
ull reviews at: www.artengine.ca/eliany/

Personnel management (Technion 1979)
Social sciences (Hebrew University of Jerusalem BA 1974, MA 1976),
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (Doctorat 1976-1980)
University of Ottawa (Diplomes 1985).
Published extensively in the area of Health Studies in Canada (1989-1996).
Studied Art at the Tel Hay College of Art in Israel (1966) and the School of Art in Ottawa (1985)
Worked intermittently with other artists in Canada, France, Austria, Israel and Morocco.
Member of Saw Video, Art Engine, Central Ottawa Artist Tour, Recycl'Art of Quebec, CARFAC, Cercles des Artistes, Montreal.
Involved in art and tourism initiatives in Israel and Canada. D
etails at: www.artengine.ca/eliany/

Private and institutional collections in Canada, Austria, Israel, Danemark, Belgium, France, China, Morocco among other countries.

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