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" A radical published poet, and a critical scholar. Teaches critical studies (Ph.D.)."


Background Information

I was born in Morocco and have relocated to Israel with my Arab-Jewish family in 1963. I grew up in an immigrant working class neighborhood in the port city of Ashdod (former Palestinian village Asdud). I write and publish poetry, political essays and articles in many journals and papers. I am active in Mizrahi deprived communities on alternative equal education and empowerment. In 1993 I was among the founders of Kedma – the alternative educational organization for equality in education in Israel, and served as the school principle of Kedma high school in southern Tel-Aviv. In 1996 I was among the founders of the social movement Hakeshet Hademocratit Hamizrahit(The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow Coalition), that has been struggling for economic and social justice in Israel. Last year I finished my Ph.D. study on the Mizrahi struggle in Israel. It will appear as a book in Hebrew in 2003. Today, I teach critical studies and work on new studies and publications. I’m the editor of the alternative web portal Kedma – Middle Eastern Gate to Israel.

Birth Place

Ksar-Suk,  Morocco


Education: PhD, 2001. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of political science. Dissertation subject: Mizrahi Politics in Israel- Between Identification & Integration to Protest & Alternative. Master of International Affairs, 1991. Columbia University in the City of New York. Specialization: Middle Eastern studies. Master of Political Science, 1989. The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Specialization: Social and Protest Movements. Bachelor of Arts, 1985. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Double major in Political Science and Hebrew Literature. Literary awards: The Hershon Literary contest of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 1988, first place prizewinner. The Teachers and Writers Fellowship, of the Hebrew Writers Association and the Ministry of Education, Israel. 1996-1997.

Additional Information

My publications: Literature: Chetrit, Sami Shalom, (Editor). A Century of Hebrew Writing. An Anthology of Modern Hebrew Writing in the Middle East (Hebrew). Volume A: Prose, 1998. Volumes B: prose, C: Poetry, 1999. Kedem Publishing, Tel-Aviv. Freha Shem Yafe (Freha is a beautiful name), poems (Hebrew). Nur publishing, Tel-Aviv, 1995. Ptiha (Opening). Poems. Eked publishing. Tel-Aviv, 1988. English translations of some poems from both books appeared in: Keys to the Garden. New Israeli Writing. Editor: Ammiel Alcalay. 1996. City Lights Books, Sam Francisco. Pp. 357-369. Journalism Writing: Published columnist and opinion writer in numerous Israeli newspapers and magazines such as: Haaretz, Hair, Hadashot, Haaretz book-review, Iton Aher, Maariv, Kol Hair, Tel-Aviv, Bamahane, Mitsad Sheni and others, as well as in the electronic media. A selection the articles were published in the book: Chetrit, Sami Shalom, 1999. Hamahepecha Haashkenazit Meta (The Ashkenazi Revolution is dead), Kedem Publishing, Tel-Aviv. Editor: Eli Hamo. Semi-academic Publications (samples, English: 30 Years to the Black Panthers: “Either the Cake Will Be Shared by all, or There Will Be No Cake.” Between the Lines, Jerusalem. April 2001. Pp. 16-22. SHAS. News from Within, Jerusalem. May 2000. Pp. 26-31. The New Mizrahim: Radical Alternative & Criticism. News from Within, Jerusalem. November 1999. Pp. 15-19. The Ashkenazi-Zionist Eraser – Curricula on the Mizrahi History; Culture and Identity. News from Within, Jerusalem. December 1997. Pp. 27-35. The Dream and the Nightmare: Some remarks on the new discourse in Mizrahi politics in Israel 1980-1996. News from Within, Jerusalem. January 1997. Pp. 49-59. Academic Publications: Mizrahim Be’Yisrael: Mashber Vemaavak, Hishtalvut Vealternativa, 1948-1999. (Mizrahim in Israel: Crisis and Struggle, Integration and Alternative, 1948-1999), Am-Oved / Ofakim Series. 2002 (contract was signed). (Hebrew). The New Mizrahim: The Radical Mizrahi Discourse and HAKESHET HADEMOKRATIT HAMIZRAHIT (The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow Coalition) (Hebrew). To be published in the book: Mizrahi Points of View on Society and Culture in Israel. Editors: Lev Grinberg, Pnina Mutzafi-Heler, Gie Abutbul. The Humphrey Research Institute for Social Research, Ben-Gurion University. (To be published winter 2001). SHAS and the “new Mizrahim” – Back to Back in Parallel Axles: Criticism of and Alternative to - European Zionism. Israel Studies Bulletin. Summer 2001 (to be published). Shas: Catch 17 – between ultra-orthodoxy and Mizrahiut. In: Shas – the challenge of Israeliness. (Hebrew) Editor: Yoav Peled. TAPUACH, Yediot Aharonot, 2001. chapter 1, pp. 21-51. Mizrahi Politics In Israel: Between Integration And Alternative. Journal of Palestine Studies. University of California Press, Berkley. Volume XXXIX/4 – Number 116. Summer 2000. Pp. 51-65. The Tents Movement (Hebrew). In: Fifty to Forty-Eight, a special issue of Theory and Criticism Vol. 12-13 1999. Editor: Adi Ofir. Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Contact Information

Nahal Lachish 45/11 
Ashdod  77707   Israel

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