Chetrit Elisheva  Moroccan origin, living in  Israel,  a painter of  Jewish Life in Morocco, exhibited at the Nes-Tziona and Petach Tikva municipal galleries and the World Center for the Heritage of North African Jewry in Jerusalem in 1999-2000. Many of her paintings focus on women, religious figures, the Jewish quarter and historical and literary themes of North African Jewry. Dr. Elisheva Chetrit is a historian, specialized in Moroccan Jewry, teaches at the Open University.
She studied painting in Montevideo, Uruguay. Accompanying her exhibition is an educational guide.
Contact Dr. Elisheva Chetrit, 1/3 Emek Hashoshanim Street, Naveh Nir, Nes Tsiona 70400. Tel:972-8-9401675